Making Money Online.

How and where to start?

If you have ever tried making money online before you'll quickly notice how difficult it really is, despite the multitude of online how-to's. So how do you really do it?
Well to start off, there is no sure way to make money online. I know this from experience.
Being an introvert at heart, I saw having an online job as a huge opportunity for many reasons. The biggest for me was freedom. The freedom to work from anywhere. So while I was on this pursuit I found out it was almost impossible if you're starting out with no money. So, here are some of the strategies I've checked out in years past to make even a decent profit:

  • - Taking surveys
  • - Writing captions for videos
  • - Using Clickbank on social media or other platforms
  • -
  • - Adsense and other online ads
  • - Youtube
  • The best of these options I've found on the web are Adsense User Testing, Adsense ads and making/monetizing Youtube videos.
    I've found these to be so great because they just work. Yes, it will take some time for your business to grow, but it works. No matter how slowly the money flows, it flows.


    Every other option however seems to offer little to nothing, but promise big profits.
    So now that we've talked about some of the best, or at least most prevalent options, it's time to learn about how to use these to earn money.
    Adsense is great for websites that you have or are wanting to make. You'll earn money for each click on one of the ads or for every thousand viewers (CPM). The earnings won't be great if you do not have an influx of visitors, but it will amount to a nice chunk of change nonetheless. There are many problems wth Adsense though as far as being required to follow strict guidelines (Which I will tell you in greater detail on another day). That being said there is no better advertising tool than Adsense.
    With Youtube you can also use Adsense to monetize your videos and they too work the same as on a website. Something else you can try when monetizing your Youtube videos is affiliate marketing. I mentioned Clickbank before, but there are better options out there if that is the route you want to go. Audible is wildly popular on Youtube now. What the Youtubers will do is just advertise whatever product they are selling to their audience, tell them about and why they should try and provide a link so they can try/purchase the product you are advertising. The Amazon Affiliate Program is also another way you can advertise on your Youtube channel. All you have to do is advertise your product and make profit.
    When trying to choose which option you want to make money online with, remember that it will never be easy. It will take hard work and dedication. Are you up to the task?